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VIN number check: 2T3RWRFV5KW040988

Basic information
VIN: 2T3RWRFV5KW040988
Model: RAV4
Trim: XLE 4WD HV / XSE 4WD HV / XLE AWD HV (Canada)
Year of issue: 2019
Number of doors: 5
Drive type: 4WD/4-Wheel Drive/4x4
Fuel: Gasoline
Engine displacement: 2.5 L
The cost of a new base car model: 29650.00 $

Country: CANADA

Body type: Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)/Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV)
Number of doors: 5
Number of seats: 5
Drive type: 4WD/4-Wheel Drive/4x4
Number of axles: 2
Engine displacement: 2.5 L
Engine displacement: 2500.0 CC
Engine displacement: 152.55936023683 CID
Engine model: A25-FXZ, 3NM+4NM
Fuel: Gasoline
Engine configuration: In-Line
Engine cylinders: 4
Engine: 176 HP
Engine: 131.2432 KW
Gross vehicle weight: Class 1C: 4,001 - 5,000 lb (1,814 - 2,268 kg)
Wheel size front: R17
Wheel size rear: R17
Transmission: Automatic
Steering location: Left-Hand Drive (LHD)
AirBags: 1st Row (Driver and Passenger)

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